Are you spending wisely on promotional products?

Thanks to Jack Crowley, of JC Special T, for presenting at our meeting on 5/10/19.

Jack said his company has transformed from selling key tags to one of a kind shirts. His focus is to help clients spend their money on promotional products in a better way. One example is a client who had a $1000 budget for a trade show. The client originally wanted pens, but Jack suggested binder folios to be given out to the people who engaged with the client at the trade show. This made a bigger impact than the pens, which would have just been taken without an interaction.

Jack also received an industry award for working with a firm who held a private party at Rings in San Diego. Invitations were printed on beach towels with instructions to bring the towel to the party and to not wear shoes. At the party, guests were given sandals that had the firm’s logo on the sole. Guests walking imprinted that logo all over the sand during the party.

Top reasons for considering promotional products:

  • Customer retention and appreciation
  • Employee communication and appreciation
  • Motivating incentives and behaviors
  • New customer acquisition (trade show gifts)

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