Ways to help agencies during COVID-19 isolation

During this time of isolation, we have been scrambling to figure out how to run our businesses while keeping our employees and clients safe. Most companies in Connecticut have been up to the challenge, and so here is another one.

Please remember those neighbors who need more assistance and the organizations that provide them services. Many members of the New Britain Network Group are involved with those providers. If you can help in some way, please do.

Here are some of the organizations, please contact them to see how you can help:

The Friendship Service Center is offering “Grab and Go” meals at two locations. They are currently in need of single serve items: fresh fruit, prepared pasta, gelatin, pudding, granola bars, etc. In addition, there is a need for gifts cards: Stop and Shop, Aldi, C-Town, Walmart, local restaurants such as Mofongo and My Wife Didn’t Cook. Special thanks to Mofongo and My Wife Didn’t Cook who are offering discounted prices to the Center. If you would like to make a donation call 860-225-0211 for delivery instructions.

Senior Transportation Services is continuing to give lifesaving rides to dialysis and cancer treatments. All volunteers have stopped driving, but the volunteer coordinator is continuing to provide these rides….. their treatments must go on. The drivers are making wellness calls to clients to make sure they are all OK. Many clients have no local family and this is just a way for the volunteers to stay connected.